Friday, January 13, 2012

SNOW Day!!

It's finally here.....The first official snow day of the school year!  This winter has been crazy so far, barely any snow, way warmer than normal temps...not that I am complaining but this is the time of year for snowman building, sledding, warming up with cocoa by the fire...not rain boots and a green Christmas!

Emmie was frozen right through after being outside so long but it helped me get a great picture! Love the rosy cheeks that winter wind brings....
Savannah has always LOVED the snowy winters, making snow angels and throwing snowballs for the dogs! She was in heaven today....
This picture cracked me up....check out Dixie's ears flapping in the wind! She was running with all her might to keep up with the girls, looks like she is about to take flight!


  1. Bumbusus!!! I love your dog! Great pictures Nichole, you are getting so good! Super jealous little sis!

  2. Love the pics! The girls are so cute and having so much fun. And of course Dixie too! Can't wait to come play in the snow! Grammy