Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lamp Revamp!

I had this great old school floor lamp hidden away in the attic....My entryway was calling for just a little light at night...instead of turning on the overhead lights I wanted more of a glow.  This floor lamp was perfect, just needed a little sprucing up!  It sits beside my pew now and I love it.

Before, In all it's faux wood, two-toned glory & nasty stained shade!

It got a coat of my favorite good ole oil rubbed bronze spray paint and I used this awesome tutorial to recover the lampshade!  I took the easy way out and finished off the edges with trim instead of tucking under like she did though!  BIG thanks to my handy hubby who helps out when I am required to use any type of mathematical skills at all, we cranked it out last night and I finished it off this morning with the trim! 

Watch out thrift stores...I am coming for all those awesome vintage lamps with crappy shades!!! :)
{Psssttt...I already have one waiting in the wings, don't tell Dave!}

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