Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Savannah's desk makeover!


I have been on the lookout to find a better desk for Savannah's room for awhile now.  She had a cute antique lift top desk but it just did not have enough workspace.  I am trying to get her in the routine of doing homework in her room rather than the kitchen counter after school and want her to have a nice space to work in.  I couldn't find one I liked, or one I could afford and that's when I remembered this gem up in the attic.  We literally pulled it out of the burn pile at an old co-workers house several years ago.  It was in great shape aside from some scratches..but there is no stained wood in her bedroom.  I have been having withdrawls from painting, crafting, remodeling so I was anxious to get moving!  Savannah chose the paint color from the 4 colors used on her walls and I am thrilled with the result!


Now....to find a chair that works since its at an odd height & width for the opening........


  1. You are so talented! I love this!

  2. Oh I love the color and the piece it self! Super jealous you can find time to get it done, I have a very important job to get done that I think I will have to pull an all nighter to get done!!! So I can not Suck anymore! Oh not to mention I still have the top of my china cabinet sitting on the back porch waiting to be done!!!
    You rock Nichole!
    Love ya Paula