Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Finds! was a MOST successful weekend for garage sales/curb shopping! WAAHOO!!!!! I was worried that I would come home disappointed, not empty-handed of course because that would just be crazy! :), but with so much excitement and anticipation of the huge neighborhood sale, kicking off our official treasure hunting season we have been waiting all Fall/Winter for I opened myself up to heartbreak! BUT I am happy to announce I did good & didn't spend much moola either which is always nice and helps ease the ranting from hubby about "all this junk" I bring back!

I of course found some toys and clothes for the girls...but my most exciting items are right here in living color for you to appreciate....the frames were $2 each but all the rest of these items I didn't pay 1cent for!!! nadda, nothing, zippo which makes them even more fantastic to me! A little background on the first big sis Paula emailed me on Friday night this AMAZING playhouse which I know cannot find the link for..grrrrr....will have to have her resend it! Anyhoo....there was a great chandelier (non-functional) she spray painted pink and hung..then voila Saturday afternoon this is sitting curbside post garage sale! So now Dave can add that to his list of projects to be completed sometime before the girls are off to college and can still fit in an outdoor playhouse! ;)
The little chair is GREAT, all I did was give it a quick scrub with a magic eraser & it looks fantastic..already in Savannah's room!
The suitcases, I don't know what I am going to do with them & these were a REALLY hard sale to Dave since he was driving when I spotted them on the side of the road..he didn't stop (AAAHH,I know it almost killed me!!) so I told him if they were there on the way home they were meant to be mine LOL! I have seen some cool stuff on that can be done with old hard suitcases & I am already envisioning the little blue one as a cute play makeup case for the girls!
The frames, I have been searching for large vintage frames to make bulletin boards & chalkboards out of and even @ Goodwill & Salvation Army didn't find any this large & for that smokin of a price! $2 each & when I mentioned my plan to the lady having the garage sale she wished she would have thought of that...too late & I ran off down the road :)

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