Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cape Cod here we come........

We are FINALLY taking a family vacation...our 1st real vacation since our honeymoon 8 years ago!! We have never gone anywhere but to AZ to visit family since we moved to NY in 2002! We have never taken a family vacation period!!! So, we are over the moon excited about taking a week to ourselves with no real plans or agendas other than enjoying our family and relaxing!!!

Savannah has been telling me for quite some time now that she wants to go to the beach for summer vacation. So, that combined with my desire I have always had to go to the Cape thinking I never would living on the opposite coast...voila...a summer vacation planned for August 7-14! It is costing us a pretty penny but we managed to rent a little cottage (VERY affordable compared to most that I researched!) that is only about 3/10 of a mile from the beach so we can walk to the water everyday and not have to load everyone in the car to go somewhere! This is a picture of the cottage, tiny but it has 3 beds, 1 bathroom, a kitchen complete w/ lobster pot & a grill in the backyard..what more could we need?!?!?

Here is a link to show the town we are staying in, heard a lot of great things from people who have been going to the Cape all their lives about Sandwich so we are excited and picked our dates based on a "Peter Rabbit Day" @ a local museum, complete w/ petting zoo and lots of fun activities for the girls! An amazing boardwalk that I cannot wait to check out plus lots more!

Hooray for a long overdue family vacation and now just the wait till August :)

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