Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kindergarten Kick-About!!

This morning was the 1st game for Savannah's kindergarten kick-about soccer team. It was cold, rainy & windy so not a great way to start off the day but oh well! They are the "yellow" team & she is #1! Not because of her talent but because the smaller the number the smaller the size of shirts! lol

Given that she knows nothing about soccer and they only had 1 30 minute practice earlier this week, I was not quite sure what we were in for...but given that they are all kindergartners or going into kindergarten this Fall & most have never had anything to do with a soccer ball I wasn't too worried! :) They did GREAT and her team WON!!!! She had a great time and played quite a bit, whenever she was sitting out and the coaches asked if she wanted to go back in she said YES and was excited so I was thrilled!

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