Saturday, August 1, 2009

Summer is almost over already?!?!?

This summer has been pretty crappy weather so far but this weekend finally feels like summer...nice warm sunny days with no rain or clouds in sight!!! But its already August 1! YIKES!!!! In CNY it starts to cool down in September and fall starts arriving quickly.....fall is my most favorite time of year but after this not so great summer I am really not ready to be buckling down for another long winter......heres to hoping for a nice August and LOOOOOONG fall to hold winter off as long as we can!

A few pics of my girls cruisin in the jeep around the backyard......Savannah is such an amazing big sister and Emmie thinks the world of her you can tell in her much fun to see them playing together now that Emmie is a little bigger, only 19 days and she has her 1st bday! WOW where did that year go? Savannah will be 5 in October and that still amazes me as I type it! My girls are growing so fast...Savannah went down to a neighbors today to go swimming, they are the sweetest 2 young girls with great parents!!! The oldest is almost 15 and the youngest is around 12 I think...I am trying to soak in all these moments when they are young since I know I only get them once but I also yearn for the days when they are bigger and we can just hang out together and do "grown-up" stuff! I am so looking forward to the days when they are older and I can really spend time with them as young ladies and I secretly pray & hope we have the closest mom-daughter relationship possible!!! Only time will tell if they love me and want to include me in all the fun stuff their lives will bring or if they will run for the hills when they see me coming and make me drop them off 2 houses down from their friends!!! HA HA!


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  1. They will love you for sure but you will alway have to drop them off 2 houses down and then turn your car around so that you dont drive by because that would be death to see your Mom drive by! Enjoy being able to pick out what you want them to look like and who they can be friends with it ends very quickly.