Friday, August 7, 2009

Camp Out!!

So.....on this Friday night the house is eerily quiet....Emerson is asleep (who knows for how long but hey I will take the peace for now!?!) Savannah & Dave are down the street at a camp-out for the church's VBS she went to this week..not sure how long she will last but she was SOOOOO over the top excited about it! They got the tent, sleeping bags, blankets, tinkerbell lantern, her fav stuffed puppy and lots of layers...its chilly out tonight!!! I left them @ 8:30 and they were finishing ice cream sundaes, lighting a bonfire & firing up glow-sticks! Here is to hoping she makes it all night and can have a GREAT 1st camp-out experience! I promise to post pictures tomorrow, that is if Dave took them as I made him SWEAR TO ME he would =)

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