Saturday, August 29, 2009

Moment to remember.....

Today marks the very first haircut Savannah has ever had!! She is almost 5 and headed to kindergarten in 1 week!!! We took her to Little Miracles in Fayetteville, a place that specializes in kids haircuts...SUCH a cute place and she LOVED to eat lollipops while watching Little Mermaid & get glitter hairspray at the end so whats not to like! The girl who cut her hair, Amanda, was so sweet and impressed by how good she behaved during the whole thing and the fact she was in Savannah's words.."giving it to a kid who was sick and doesnt have their own hair." that she gave her these super sparkly hair pins and an extra large lollipop at the end!

She had CRAZY long hair so we were able to donate 12" to "Locks of Love" & still took a little over 2" off to clean it up...she loves it and I am thrilled with it...she looks like such a big girl now though which I was not ready for I guess! Had to head straight to Target to pick out fancy new hair accessories and some more school goodies!

Here are some before and after pics of my lil beauty queen :)

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