Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mom Cave {or at least a little corner of a cave}

A space.....Just for me........well, its a tiny corner of our guest room but I will take what I can get!  I found this amazing vintage stepback cupboard on craigslist a couple months ago..fell in love with it after seeing these crafty super organized spaces all over blogland and pinterest!  I actually really liked the green but it got a mini makeover to fit in with the decor of our guest room and I am thrilled!

The guest room is a bit of a work in progress still {much to hubby's dismay}, since purchasing this beast of a cabinet I have been trying to reconfigure the room so its not cramped when we do have guests but I still have space for sewing and crafts! The bed we had in there is an amazing east lake style antique bed that belonged to Dave's aunt when she was young {I literally pulled it out of the burn pile at his grandparents house when we moved to NY, scraped off the bird poop, sanded & painted it!} Its amazing but its HUGE, only a full size bed but the headboard is close to 5' tall, in a room with gabled ceilings this really limits you!

It got a coat of bright white paint, hardware shiny black and I covered part of the back with a really pretty fabric I found at JoAnns! Added some baskets to store my extra fabric, ribbons & goodies in, some vintage mason jars for buttons and pins.  I am really happy so far, loads of storage and a good size desk top for workspace.

So, remember this $10 bargain bed? I had no plan for it but grabbed it to save for Savannah..well its a much more manageable size so its now getting a makeover with white paint and going into the guest room while the other bed will be stored for Savannah!  I keep reminding Dave that all this extra work is actually a good thing since I am technically not spending a dime & redecorating a room at the same time! He is SO not buying into it!  Especially considering that when I was trying to rearrange the room by myself I got the bed wedged between the ceiling and the cupboard resulting in big gouges into the sheet rock. {OOPS!}

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  1. Very nice!! And oh, that sewing machine looks very nice too! LOL!!