Monday, March 29, 2010

WOWEEE!! Look what I made!

So, the other day I was reading this blog that I love and she made the cutest headbands with fabric flowers! I hate hate hate those obnoxious ones with the ENORMOUS fake flowers on them but these were really cute and I wanted one for both girls...well they were $17 in her store, so NO WAY was that happening!!!

Savannah has fabric headbands already, I knew I had scraps of fabric from various projects all I needed now was a way to make it all come together since I do not sew at all, when something needs mending, I tell Savannah "that's what Grammy is for"!

Today I was out running errands so I ran into Joanns and found these super cute flower buttons, surely even I could sew on a button! they are! Not nearly as cute as the ones from the blog BUT it cost me less than $2 since all I had to buy was the buttons! Savannah would not model it but here are both the headbands & Emerson sporting hers!

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