Monday, March 15, 2010

Isn't she lovely?!?!?

Let me start out by saying yet again just how much I LOVE Craigs List! If I wasn't already married to a great guy & actually knew who this Craig person was I would TOTALLY marry him just because of his amazing list!!!! LOL

This morning I was checking Craigs List...not because I need anything or was looking for something specific, just because I check it like a million times a day because you NEVER know what you will find and realize you cannot live without it any longer!

CURB ALERT - 2 of my most favorite words! Since I have been following this blog that does "Roadkill Rescues" I am addicted to finding free items that can be made into something GREAT! There is a curb alert in Syracuse for this house who cleaned out their attic and there is a HUGE pile of stuff @ the curb! It was posted Sunday though :( I emailed them to see if the 3 items I really would love to have are still there, no response! BUMMER!! I was headed out to Dewitt anyway so mapquested the address and realized it was only 5 minutes from where I would be! SCORE and totally worth the gamble! I toss Emmie in the car and off we go. I get there and the pile has pretty much vanished but 1 of the TOP items was still there!!!

Isn't she SOOOOO purdy??? I know she isn't, but she will be!!! Right now she is dirty and pretty roughed up, complete with the NASTY carpet glued down on top of her but she will be BEAUTIFUL!!!

Now, I just need to find a place to hide her from Dave until her transformation is complete & I can find a spot to put her & a reason I "needed" her!!! :)

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