Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My grandma.....

My grandma left this world on Sunday, November 30th, today we said goodbye. She was suffering & not the woman she used to be so in a way it was a blessing but that doesn't make it any easier. She was my dad's mother & since my dad left this world way too early she was my part of him on this earth. So even though we had our difficult times that led to being disconnected for years for lots of reasons I'm glad that we did make our way back into each other's lives several years ago. My girls got the privilege of meeting & visiting with her over the years. She has sent them several special lifetime gifts & handed down some sentimental items over the years. 

 I have tried to stay on top of being in contact with her over the past year since her health really started to decline, weekly cards mailed to give her a glimpse into our lives and bring a smile to her face, I hope she knew the depth of my gratitude that we worked through our past mistakes and grew a relationship again. I hope she's up in heaven pain free & visiting with her 2 sons that left the world before her. I love you grandma & so thankful for your time here with us. 

This is how I like to remember her, full of life and full makeup like a fancy movie star.

Photos from our last 2 visits with her. Thankful to have these memories for myself and my girls. 

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