Friday, October 10, 2014

Happy 10th birthday to my sweet sweet Savannah!

WoW!!! Double Digits! I simply cannot believe you're turning 10 today, seems like just yesterday I was walking you around a dark house all night every night those first few months of your life.... You had, what we finally determined was an awful protein allergy that had your tummy in knots and very painful......which lead to lots of scream filled nights that could only be calmed as I bounced you around walking laps around the house all the while singing "sweet sweet savannah...sweet baby girl......sweetest little girl in the whole wide world....mommy loves you...yes I do.....mommy will make it all better for you.....

You have turned into such a warm, caring, funny, smart, beautiful girl. Im so excited to see what's in store for these next 10 years! Love you so much Savannah, wishing you the happiest of birthdays where all your wishes come true! Pretty good list you've given me so far; bacon at every meal, unlimited iPod time, lots of candy, Miss. Nicki's cupcakes & a sleepover with your friends! Plus you're getting a 1/2 day from school & Monday off for  a long weekend to boot! Your 10th year is off to a pretty fabulous start I think!

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  1. Lovely article!! Happy birthday Savannah!! My daughter also turned 12 last week. My husband threw a huge party for her at one of the best event rooms for rent in Florida. She was really happy after such a huge party!