Monday, October 14, 2013

The Chick-Inn Coop...Our Hen House!

Dave decided to bring home chickens from Pop-o's one day.....I wasn't totally against it but not exactly for it either!  We have nowhere to keep them was my main complaint....So what to do? Cruise Pinterest of course...I found the coolest coop but it was BIG and a major project!  I said this coop and the chickens stay thinking we would be loading them back up to Pop-o's barn! 

Low and behold about a month later....ta-da! Dave never ceases to amaze me, he built this from the ground up just off a simple picture I showed him!

Moving day!

Happy Hens!

now to find a few more hens...hoping to get an Ameraucana since they lay the beautiful colored eggs, a plymouth rock & maybe a frizzle

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