Monday, August 5, 2013

Disneyland SURPRISE!

WE planned a trip to the happiest place on earth as a surprise for the girls.  They had no clue until the day we left!  Here they are early morning in the hotel ready to catch a plane from New York to sunny California!

It was so fun, first time for them both and Daddy too!  Disneyland really is such a magical place for kids and adults!  The buildings, the characters, every last detail......everything takes your breath away and just so unbelievable this entire world they create when you walk through the gates!

Fantasyland was definitely the top spot for the girls....

Seeing the characters real lifesize and in person was overwhelming for them, it was too precious, they were speechless most of the time, especially when it came to their most favorites like Minnie for Emerson & Tinkerbell for Savannah!

All in all an amazing unforgettable trip that will go down in our family history!  I know.... I know.... It really is crazy expensive but the joy on your kids faces and experiencing that magic you cant get anywhere else is priceless!

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