Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Emerson!!!

WOW....4 already?!? Where the heck does time go?  You are a super crazy wild girl with a heart of gold!  You are rugged but a girly girl through and through!  I love you like crazy and cannot wait to see what this year brings...hard to believe this time next year you will be off to kindergarten!!

We had a Hello Kitty party with your friends yesterday, so much fun!! You got to choose the menu and plan it all...jello jigglers, popcorn, watermelon & pink frosted brownie cupcakes {with sprinkles of course!}

Today you finally got your American Girl Bitty Baby from mommy & daddy and had an amazing cake from our great friend Miss. Nicki - sprinkle cake just like you had your heart set on!

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