Saturday, June 9, 2012

All GrOwN UP!

Recently took a trip to Arizona for a long overdue visit with family and friends!  While I loved seeing all my nieces and nephews, this trip was for a very special oldest niece, Alyssa was graduating from high school!  This makes me feel horribly old since I was a senior in high school myself the year she was born!?!?  I was so proud and could never miss this huge moment in her life! She is coming to stay part of the summer with us before heading off to college in the fall and I am thrilled to get to spend this time with her! She has grown into an amazing young lady who my girls adore and I respect as a role model for them. I love you Smitty and cannot wait to see what becomes of this new chapter in your life!

A picture the night of my senior prom with the precious little bundle!  I remember telling her mom, my sister Paula that I would not hesitate to drop her if she even looked like she was going to puke or poop on me!?! HAHA

A picture before heading out to Highland High School to watch her grab that diploma & say hello to adulthood! I totally would have pushed her to the side if she looked like she was going to puke or poop on me!?!

See that $ in her hand, that was for a fine for a lost text book, nothing like waiting till the last minute & giving your parents a heart attack!
I hope you remember to always be true to yourself and know that you are capable of anything you put your mind to! Your Auntie Nichole is here for you through whatever, whenever!