Monday, May 7, 2012

No more complaining jar!

So...its no secret I am addicted to Pinterest!  Well the other day I came across this amazing idea & unlike the hundreds of other pins I have I went to work on this one right away!!

Here is the general idea.....if you have little kids, listen up!  We are going on our second week & I swear its working like a charm!  This is based on the bible verse, Phillipians 2:14 - "Do everything without complaining or arguing."  We are not huge church people but do try to instill good values into both our girls, plus I am tired of the endless whining.  Savannah has a bible from VBS so I found the verse and made cute jars for each girl!  If it has sparkles on it & rewards attached I knew my girls would be all over it!

We took the original idea, expanded a bit and ran with it!! We sat both girls down & explained the bible verse and how this whole system would work.  They start the week with $5 in quarters in their special jar.  Every time they complain or whine 1 quarter is removed and put in their sisters jar {DOUBLE Whammy!!} If they argue with mom or dad same thing, if they argue with each other, mom & dad get a quarter from both of their jars! At the end of the week the girls can take their moola to the store and buy whatever they choose, or save up for something they really want!  The better behaved they are, the sooner they will get that item they have been dreaming of!

See the original idea on Born Fabulous Baby

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