Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Craziness!

WOW, this time of year is always hectic isn't it?  Normal everyday tasks are still there, but now on top of them is shopping, baking, parties, wrapping, crafts...on....and on...Here are some of the fun things we have been squeezing in when we can!
Christmas Dust
Savannah made this at school last year & was so fun! I decided to make a few batches and send them off to nieces & nephews! Simply oatmeal & glitter mixed together, with this cute little note ~
Christmas Dust
On Christmas Eve, sprinkle this Christmas dust all over your front lawn.
When the moonlight shines down on the snow it will sparkle.
This will make it easy for Santa to find your house…
and the reindeer will love the oats!

Elf on the Shelf

We have had lots of fun with our elf this year, he is always making mischief!  These were a few favorites!

Thumbprint Reindeer Ornaments
image via pinterest
Saw this cute idea here so we made them as gifts for some family!

School Party Treat
Saw these here, changed it up a bit, we used mini chocolate chips as eyes & mouth, candy corn for the nose, pretzel m&ms for the buttons and pull-n-peel twizzlers for the scarf!

Neighbor gifts
image via pinterest
Reinbeers!!!Saw these here before thanksgiving and knew they were perfect for our neighbors who always spoil our girls! Have all the supplies {even a Sierra Nevada holiday beer} and will be making them tomorrow to deliver!

Gingerbread House
This year I finally let go and let the girls do it all this year!  They had a blast, my OCD was outta control!

Teacher Gifts
I took the easy way out this year, still homemade gifts but just simple cookies in a cute jar!  Made the labels using the free Avery software, attached a Dunkin gift card & DONE!

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