Thursday, May 28, 2009

Savannah Banana Funny girl!

Sometimes kids say the funniest things.....having a bad day stressing out about jobs, $$, everything! I am putting Savannah to bed tonight after fighting with Emmie for 45 minutes to get her to sleep I was done! We are laying there and I tell Savannah its time to be quiet because we have preschool tomorrow and need to get to sleep. She starts talking about preschool, when will summer break start, when does summer school start... then kindergarten and when does she go there, yadda yadda....she turns to me and asks "mom do you know where I get to go after kindergarten?" I said "Where honey?" "COLLEGE" she replied with a big grin on her face! Where she came up with that I have no clue but how cute is she? I told her you have to go to 1st grade and all the way up till 12th before college and she seemed ok with that! =)

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